Welcome to the Department of Life Sciences! 


The scope of life sciences includes all sciences that have to do with ‘organisms’, like plants, animals and human beings. Founded in 1998, the Department of Life Sciences at Tzu Chi University has admitted qualified high school graduates who are interested in life sciences. After successfully completing the required courses in 4 years, students earn a degree of Bachelor of Science. The department also admits graduate students in the master’s program which was established in 2004. By successfully completing the required courses and a written thesis in 2 years, students will receive the Master of Science degree. The Department also offers a 5-year combined Bachelor and Master’s degree program. The qualified undergraduate students can apply to join this program in the second semester of their junior year. Once admitted into this “accelerated” program, students can start taking graduate courses and working on their thesis in the senior year, and complete all course requirements and thesis a year later. Thus, successful students in this accelerated, combined program can receive both BS and MS degree in 5 years.


In addition to advance the knowledge of biological sciences, our mission is to train future scientists and educators. In the vast field of life sciences, the department focuses on two major timely academic programs, “Biomedical Sciences” and “Plant and Microbiology Sciences”, for undergraduate study. Students can choose either one as their major. Various basic and advanced courses, and associated laboratory exercises are designed and offered to help students understand the logics and develop interests in life sciences. The research training, which is required for both the graduate students and the undergraduate students, is to further enhance student’s logic thinking and ability to define and solve problems. There are 10 full time faculty members and many cross-appointed faculty members who are actively involved in teaching and research, with broad interests that focus on cancer research, cardiovascular disease, virus infection, ecology of environmental microbes, plant breeding, plant ecology and plant pathology. The department is committed to excellence in education and is devoted to outstanding research and biotechnological applications.


As part of Tzu Chi Organization, the department offers plenty opportunities for students to experience and practice the Tzu Chi spirit of people-oriented concept. These volunteer activities are designed to cultivate an aptitude for humanity in students, thus, preparing them to become effective members of the global workforce.

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